On August 14, 2007, at 0725 mountain standard time, a Cessna 182H, N3464S, impacted a light pole with the left wing while taxiing to parking at Page Municipal Airport (PGA), Page, Arizona. Air Grand Canyon, Inc., operated the airplane under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 91. The airplane sustained substantial damage. The airline transport licensed pilot was not injured. The flight departed Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCN), Grand Canyon, Arizona, at 0640. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the repositioning flight, and a company VFR flight plan had been filed.

In a written report to the National Transportation Safety Board, the pilot stated his flight to Page was intended to pickup passengers for a Part 135 tour flight of Monument Valley. When he taxied onto the ramp at Page, he decided to park adjacent to two Twin Otters. His plan was to taxi behind the airplanes and then make a right turn to park next to them. He felt he had sufficient clearance to accomplish this task. His taxiing speed was "consistent with that normally used when maneuvering within a confined area."

The pilot further stated his airplane's left wing made contact with an elevated light pole and a sign (both are on a raised embankment along the south perimeter of the ramp area) while taxiing behind the other airplanes. The impact with the objects caused the airplane to yaw to the left. The propeller then impacted the embankment. The pilot shut down the engine by normal means and exited the airplane.

The airplane sustained substantial damage, including structural damage to the left wing. The pilot did not report any preimpact mechanical malfunctions or failures with the airplane.

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