On February 16, 2006, at 1800 mountain standard time, a Beech 95 multiengine airplane, N2096C, was substantially damaged during a gear up landing on runway 3 at the Kingman Airport, Kingman, Arizona. The airplane was operated by Sheble Aviation & Flight School, Inc., under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 91 as an instructional flight. The commercial pilot receiving instruction for his airline transport pilot certificate, and the certified flight instructor (CFI), were not injured. The local training flight departed Kingman around 1615. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan had not filed.

According to a written statement provided by the CFI, the student had just completed a missed approach from a single engine VOR/DME (very high omni-directional navigation facility/distance measuring equipment) approach to runway 21 at Kingman. The CFI took over the airplane to allow the student to remove his view-limiting device (foggles) and to demonstrate a landing. The flight entered the downwind leg for runway 3, the CFI noted that the winds were from 020 degrees at 10 knots, and heard another airplane announcing that they were taxiing to runway 21. The CFI announced their position and indicated they were coming in for a touch-and-go landing on runway 3.

As the flight transitioned through the traffic pattern, the instructor continued to announce their position. As they were getting ready to turn onto final approach, the student noticed an aircraft had departed runway 21 and was making a right turn toward them. The CFI indicated that he had not heard a transmission from the departing aircraft. The CFI maneuvered the airplane away from the departing aircraft, and due to the distraction, "forgot to verify that I had lowered the landing gear" before touching down on runway 3 with the landing gear retracted.

According to the operator, post accident examination of the landing gear system revealed no operational anomalies. In addition, the operator reported the airplane sustained structural damage to the fuselage bulkheads.

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