On July 10, 2004, about 1735 Pacific daylight time, an experimental Fitz Starduster SA300, N328SF collided with an experimental Logston Starduster SA100DL, N35RL, while both aircraft were taxiing onto the runway at Arlington Municipal Airport, Arlington, Washington. Both aircraft were owned and piloted by the private pilots as 14 CFR Part 91 pleasure flights. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and no flight plan was filed for either aircraft. The Starduster SA300 received minor damage while Starduster SA100DL was substantially damaged. Neither pilot was injured. The aircraft were preparing for departure as a flight of two with a destination to Hoquiam, Washington.

In a written statement, the pilot of the Starduster SA100DL reported that he and the pilot of a Starduster SA300 were to be a flight of two for takeoff. The pilot reported that he was in the lead during the taxi to runway 34, with the Starduster SA300 trailing. The pilot of the Starduster SA100DL was waived onto the runway by one of several flagmen that were directing aircraft for takeoff. This was the end of the air show that had been ongoing for several days. Flagmen were used to direct aircraft from parking, taxi and takeoff. The Starduster SA100DL pilot reported that a flagman on the runway waived him to the right side of the runway centerline and then a second flagman motioned him to a point to stop. A few seconds after he stopped at the designated point, the trailing Starduster SA300 collided into the left wings of the Starduster SA100DL.

In a written statement, the pilot of the Starduster SA300 reported that the flagmen on the runway did not let the aircraft enter the runway the same as they had been doing during the air show for a flight of two. The preceding aircraft was stopped shorter than they had been doing. When the pilot of the Starduster SA300 was waived on, his aircraft collided with the left wings of the preceding Starduster SA100DL.

Both top and bottom left wing spars of the Starduster SA100DL were broken, as well as ribs, flying wire and cable. The Starduster SA300 received minor damage.

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