On March 10, 2004, approximately 1320 Pacific standard time, a Cessna R182, N7362X, registered to an individual, operated by Wings Aloft, Inc., and being flown by a private pilot, sustained substantial damage during a loss of control on landing roll at the Bremerton National airport, Bremerton, Washington. The pilot was uninjured. Visual meteorological conditions existed and no flight plan had been filed. The flight, which was personal, was operated under 14 CFR 91, and departed from Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, approximately noon.

The airport manager at Bremerton National reported that the pilot had been conducting touch and go landings on runway 01. During the landing he lost directional control and the aircraft veered off the right (east) side of the 6,200 foot long paved runway and traveled into a soft, muddy area. During the excursion, the right wingtip impacted terrain. The airport manager reported that the winds at the time were from 020 degrees magnetic at 6 knots.

The pilot reported that on his tenth touch and go landing he encountered some light turbulence during the base turn and then turned on final with 65 knots airspeed. He held a small amount of crosswind correction to maintain runway alignment and flared prior to touchdown. Upon settling the aircraft veered approximately 30 degrees right of the centerline departing the runway and rolling into an area of soft, wet grass. The pilot reported that he was uncertain why the veer occurred and that " could have been due to inadvertent right braking, or possibly a crosswind gust that was under controlled...."

Winds reported at Bremerton National airport during the late morning and early afternoon hours were reported as follows:

1055PST 180 degrees magnetic at 05 knots
1115PST 020 degrees magnetic at 07 knots
1135PST 020 degrees magnetic at 10 knots
1155PST 030 degrees magnetic at 09 knots
1215PST 010 degrees magnetic at 06 knots
1235PST 040 degrees magnetic at 05 knots
1255PST 360 degrees magnetic at 05 knots
1315PST 060 degrees magnetic at 07 knots
1335PST 010 degrees magnetic at 07 knots
1355PST 010 degrees magnetic at 06 knots

The Director of Maintenance for the Operator reported finding no mechanical malfunction with the aircraft's wheels or braking system following the accident.

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