On March 23, 2003, at 1541 eastern standard time, a Daigenault experimental airplane, N22PJ, registered to Eastex Air Service LLC, operated by a private pilot as a 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight, collided with a private residence on initial takeoff climb from Williamsport Airpark, Easley, South Carolina. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The airplane sustained substantial damage. The private pilot reported serious injuries. The flight originated from Williamsport Airpark, Easley, South Carolina, on March 23, 2003, at 1540.

The pilot stated she taxied out to the south runway for departure at 1535. While taxing she observed the windsock and noted that she would be taking off with a crosswind. Upon reaching the end of the taxiway she completed an engine run up and no deficiencies were noted. She taxied into position and departed to the south. According to an eyewitness, he observed the airplane on the takeoff roll and it became airborne about 400 feet down the runway. The airplane was observed to start a shallow left turn and he lost sight of the airplane due to obstructions. He did not hear any change in engine noise but heard an impact. He went in the direction of the impact and saw the airplane in the roof of a two-car garage.

The pilot stated she did not experience any mechanical problems with the airplane after she took off. The pilot further stated she did not remember the airplane colliding with the garage and did not remember talking to anyone after the accident. Examination of the airplane revealed no mechanical or structural malfunction.

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