On June 7, 2001, approximately 1737 Pacific daylight time, a Champion 7EC, N7415B, registered to and being flown by a private pilot, was substantially damaged during a loss of control and subsequent nose over on landing roll at the Desert Aire Airport, Mattawa, Washington. The pilot and passenger were uninjured. Visual meteorological conditions existed and no flight plan had been filed. The flight, which was personal, was operated under 14CFR91, and originated from the Yakima, Washington, approximately 1645.

The pilot reported that during the landing roll on runway 28 into a quartering left headwind he encountered a sudden gust from the left, which lifted the aircraft's left wing. The aircraft drifted right onto the runway shoulder and the pilot applied power to go around. The aircraft rolled off the right side of the runway during which the main wheels encountered sagebrush and the aircraft then nosed over. The pilot reported that there were no mechanical problems with the aircraft during the event.

Winds at Yakima at 1756 (26 nautical miles southwest) were reported as variable at three knots, although gusts were reported three hours earlier. Winds at Moses Lake at 1752 (41 nautical miles north-northeast) were reported from 210 degrees magnetic at seven knots.

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