On November 1, 2000, about 1015 Eastern Standard Time, a Beech A-36, N565P, was substantially damaged while executing a forced landing at the Holmes County Airport (10G), Millersburg, Ohio. The certificated private pilot and two passengers were not injured. Visual meteorological condition prevailed for the personal flight that departed Norfolk, Virginia, destined for Holland, Michigan. An instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan was filed and the flight was conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

According to the pilot, when the airplane was approximately 6 miles to the northwest of Millersburg, he experienced a total loss of engine power. The pilot advised Indianapolis Center of his situation, and the controller provided radar vectors to Millersburg. The pilot elected to keep the airplane in a "clean" configuration to improve glide performance. While on final approach for Runway 27, the airplane contacted trees, and impacted the ground to the left of the runway. The airplane came to a stop, and the occupants exited under their own power.

In a written statement by the pilot, he stated that the loss of engine power was from "fuel starvation." He also stated, that during the flight he was distracted from monitoring the fuel because of a conversation he was having with the front seat passenger. He added that the autopilot was on, and the weather was "beautiful."

According to a Federal Aviation Administration inspector that examined the wreckage, the airplane came to rest upright and intact on the grass to the left side of Runway 27, about 300 feet beyond the landing threshold. At the scene, the inspector observed no evidence of fuel spillage or inflight venting of fuel. The inspector examined the left fuel tank by looking in the tank, and rocking the airplane. He did not see or hear any fuel moving in the tank. The inspector examined the right fuel tank, which was approximately full, and he examined the fuel selector, which was set to the left fuel tank.

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