On June 19, 2000, at 1130 Eastern Daylight Time, a Grumman American AA-1, N761XA, was substantially damage during takeoff, when it departed the right side of Runway 32 at Boire Field Airport, Nashua, New Hampshire. The certificated flight instructor and student pilot received minor injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the instructional flight conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

According to the instructor, approximately a week before the accident, he went over soft-field takeoffs with the student during a ground school session. Then again, on the day of the accident for 5 to 10 minutes while sitting in the airplane before starting the engine. The student started the engine, and taxied to the runway for the first takeoff of the day. The airplane rolled onto the runway, the student advanced the throttle, and the airplane accelerated. During the takeoff sequence, the airplane developed a minor pitch oscillation. Also, the nose of the airplane moved left, and then right. Directional control stabilized, and then the airplane "veered sharply" to the right. As the airplane departed the right side of the runway, the instructor took control, but was unable to maneuver it back onto the runway. The airplane entered a wood area, and came to a stop. The instructor secured the airplane, and both he and his student exited unassisted.

The student had almost completed his training and planned to take his private pilot check-ride the following week. The instructor added that as a student gets closer to taking their check-ride, he tries to let them recover from deviations.

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