On August 8, 1999, at 0953 central daylight time, a Cessna 150J airplane, N60784, registered to a private individual and operated by MVP Aero Academy of Houston, Texas, was substantially damaged when it collided with terrain after takeoff from the Weiser Air Park Airport near Cypress, Texas. The flight instructor and student pilot sustained minor injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and a flight plan was not filed for the 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 local instructional flight. The flight was originating at the time of the accident.

On the NTSB Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident Report, the flight instructor stated that he was demonstrating a "soft and short field takeoff" on a 2,000-foot grass strip. The instructor reported that the airplane "climbed very slowly" out of ground effect. In order to avoid trees and power lines at the end of the runway, the instructor pulled back on the control yoke to gain altitude. The airplane "just barely cleared the obstacles, buffeted, and went into a incipient spin." The flight instructor "quickly recovered", but the airplane lost altitude. With more obstacles in the flight path, the flight instructor elected to execute an emergency landing in the front yard of a private residence. The airplane touched down on the main landing gear, struck a ditch, and came to rest inverted in a driveway.

At 0953, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport (located 10 nautical miles northeast of the accident site) reported the sky clear, visibility 8 statute miles, wind variable at 4 knots, temperature 86 degrees Fahrenheit, dew point 77 degrees Fahrenheit, altimeter 30.02 inches of mercury, and density altitude 1,832 feet.

Examination of the aircraft by the FAA inspector revealed that both wings were twisted and wrinkled, and the aileron was separated from the right wing. The fuselage was twisted and buckled. The vertical stabilizer and rudder were damaged, and the nose landing gear and right main landing gear were separated from the aircraft. The engine mount was fractured and the firewall was crushed aft.

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