On July 22, 1999, approximately 0850 mountain daylight time, a Cessna 172E, N5696T, was substantially damaged when the aircraft collided with terrain during landing roll at Meadow Lake Airport, Peyton, Colorado. The student pilot, the sole occupant aboard, received minor injuries. No flight plan had been filed for the local area instructional flight being conducted under Title 14 CFR Part 91, and visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The flight originated at 0710.

According to the pilot, he made three touch and go landings at the airport, then departed the traffic pattern to perform a variety of maneuvers in the practice area. At approximately 0830, he returned to the airport to practice additional touch and go landings. He made two landings on runway 15, then performed another two landings on runway 33 when the runway was switched.

The pilot stated that during the final full stop landing on runway 33, he encountered a left crosswind during final approach. He applied right rudder and left aileron to stabilize the aircraft. Immediately after the main wheels touched down, the aircraft encountered a "strong crosswind," causing it to depart the runway to the left and onto the grass. The airplane impacted a ditch, sustaining damage to the propeller, engine, nose landing gear, left wingtip, and firewall.

At 0854, weather conditions at the City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, located 10.4 nautical miles southwest of the accident site, were reported as winds from 340 degrees at 8 knots.

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