On Saturday, November 13, 1993, about 1300 eastern standard time, an unregistered Quicksilver MX experimental airplane, owned and operated by Allan Cournoyer of Wakefield, Rhode Island, collided with the ground during initial climb at a grass strip in Montville, Connecticut. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan was not filed. The private pilot, the sole occupant, was fatally injured. The airplane was destroyed. The flight was conducted under part 14 CFR 91.

According to an FAA Inspector, the pilot of this unregistered airplane was seen by witnesses taking off in an easterly direction on a 1200 foot long grass strip. According to one of the witnesses, who assisted the pilot in assembling the airplane, this was the airplane's first flight and the pilot had practiced taxiing the airplane earlier. He stated that during the ground roll the airplane seemed to have full power and was drifting to the right. It departed the runway and made a steep climb to about 75 feet above the ground; pitched up; the airplane's wings rocked; and, the airplane went into a nose down descent until it collided with the ground.

The same witness stated that he disassembled the airplane after the accident and there was no evidence of mechanical malfunction.

The FAA also reported that the pilot did not have a current medical certificate.

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