On October 9, 1993, at 1239 hours Pacific daylight time (PDT), a Cessna 172N, N7367E, registered to and operated by the Boeing Employees Flying Association, Inc., and being flown by Edward J. Cierebiej, a certificated student pilot, collided with the non directional beacon (NDB) antenna at the Renton Municipal Airport, after a loss of directional control during landing. The aircraft sustained substantial damage and the pilot was uninjured. Visual meteorological conditions existed and the wind at the airport at the time of the accident was recorded as 270 degrees magnetic at 10 knots. The flight, which was an instructional solo, was to have been operated in accordance with the requirements set forth in 14CFR91 and departed from the Renton airport at approximately 1130 hours.

The pilot reported that once crossing over the blast fence (short of the threshold to runway 33) and "In ground effect, the aircraft, again, seemed hard to control." He stated that he encountered a sudden "jerk to the left, presumably from a gust of wind" and then the aircraft "was suddenly to the right of centerline."

The pilot reported that the aircraft was "off the paved runway" and "Since I got no response from the rudder, I did not want to power-up for a go-around, with the possibility of not having control."

The pilot reported that he regained enough control to prevent the aircraft from striking parked aircraft in his ground path, but was unable to avoid the NDB antenna which the aircraft impacted with its outboard leading edge right wing.

A tower controller who witnessed the accident reported seeing the aircraft veer to the right while landing on runway 33 during the second attempted landing. The controller reported that the pilot appeared to regain control but the aircraft collided with the NDB antenna shortly thereafter.

The controller also reported that he made several announcements of wind speed and direction to aircraft in the landing pattern immediately preceding the accident.

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