On October 12, 1993, approximately 2022 central daylight time, a Beech A36, N6198A, was substantially damaged during approach to the David Wayne Hooks Airport in Tomball, Texas. The airplane, owned and operated by an instrument rated private pilot, was on a personal cross country flight. An IFR flight plan was filed and in effect and instrument meteorological conditions prevailed. Neither the pilot nor the one passenger were injured.

The pilot had air filed while en route from Alice, Texas, to the Houston area. He was cleared for the localizer/DME runway 17R approach. He stated that he descended to minimum descent altitude (500 feet MSL) and engaged the altitude hold on the autopilot. He further stated that he then looked out to spot the airport and when he looked back in the cockpit, he noticed that the airplane was descending below 300 feet MSL. He said that at that point, he initiated a go around. He stated that the descent continued for another 150 feet before the airplane started to climb. The airport elevation was 152 feet. The pilot further stated that he thought he had encountered windshear and did not realize it until he scanned the instruments. Winds at the approach airport were reported as being from 120 degrees at 7 knots with no gusts and there were no other reports of windshear in the area.

According to the air traffic control tape transcripts, the local controller issued the pilot a low altitude alert at 2022:12, and at 2022:27, the pilot stated "nine eight alpha going back up." At 2022:48, the pilot contacted the local controller and stated "Well we got a minor problem I hit something with my landing gear I need to get to a clean airport so I can belly this thing in." After being handed off to approach control, the pilot advised the controller that the gear was functional and requested vectors to a VFR airport. The flight ultimately landed without further incident at Houston's West Side Airport. Examination of the airplane revealed substantial damage to the leading edges of the wings and spars.

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