On October 3, 1993, at 1500 eastern standard time, a Welch OW8M, NC17117, registered to the Air Power Museum, Inc., experienced a gear collapse and rollover on landing at Pope Field, Greenfield, Indiana, while on a personal flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed for the local flight. The airplane was substantially damaged and the pilot was not injured. The flight originated from Pope Field at approximately 1445 est.

The pilot stated that local winds were from approximately 235 degrees at 10 knots gusting to 20 knots and he was landing on runway 18. He stated that due to trees along the right side of the runway, low level turbulence was experienced just prior to touchdown as he descended below tree level. The airplane touched down hard and the left main gear separated at the axle weld. The airplane continued to travel for approximately 30 feet when the gear strut dug into the terrain and the airplane rolled over.

The pilot stated the landing was hard but not in excess of other landings he has made. He stated the landing gear strut has no provisions for shock absorption. The pilot stated he has 500 to 600 hour of experience in tailwheel airplanes.

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