On May 1, 1993, at approximately 0830 central daylight time, during takeoff from a road near De Witt, Arkansas, a WSK PZL MIELEC, PZL M 18, N28587, was destroyed when the airplane struck a bulldozer and subsequently impacted the terrain and burned. The commercial pilot sustained minor injuries. The FAR CFR Part 137 flight was being operated by Bullock Flying Service of De Witt, Arkansas. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight.

During a telephone interview conducted by the investigator in charge with the operator and the pilot, the facts in this paragraph were stated. The airplane had departed the De Witt Municipal Airport, De Witt, Arkansas, at approximately 0800 for seeding of a rice field. The airplane subsequently was departing from a road near the rice field. During the takeoff to the north, the airplane was approximately twenty feet above the ground and approximately 400 yards beyond the road when the pilot started a turn to the northeast. The pilot stated that "during the turn the power setting was ok but the airplane started to settle as if in a downdraft." Winds reported by the pilot were from the south with gusts to 15 knots. The pilot made a decision to land the airplane in the rice field. With the climb attitude of the airplane, the bulldozer was not seen by the pilot. As the airplane settled toward the ground, the wing struck the bulldozer and the wing separated from the airplane. During the subsequent uncontrolled descent, the main gears struck the ground and the airplane nosed over to the inverted position. A post crash fire was observed by the pilot as he exited the airplane. The airplane was destroyed by the fire.

The airplane was released to the operator following the investigation.

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