On February 1, 1993, at approximately 1645 central standard time, a Cessna 150M, N9199U, was substantially damaged when it impacted with a tree and a fence after an on ground loss of control occurred during takeoff from runway 35 at Bowie Municipal Airport, Bowie, Texas. The student pilot was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the solo instructional flight.

The information in the following paragraphs was reported to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector by the student and the instructor. The intent of the flight from McKinney Municipal Airport to Bowie and return was for cross country navigation and solo touch and go training before taking the private pilot FAA check ride. It was reported that the student had landed on runway 35 using full flaps and a soft field method before shutting down on the ramp. He restarted the airplane and taxied for takeoff.

The student remained in the traffic pattern and proceeded to execute a simulated soft field landing to a touch and go. According to the student, the airplane had full flaps selected and an airspeed of approximately 60 knots. He stated that before touchdown, a wind gust moved the airplane off to the left side of the runway. He lost directional control of the airplane. One main landing gear touched onto the runway's surface and the other onto the grass. He then attempted to takeoff from the grass and raised the flaps. The airplane's main gear dragged in the dense grass for approximately 1,000 feet before the pilot aborted the takeoff attempt. The airplane impacted a fence and several trees approximately 250 feet west of the runway. The pilot reported the wind was from the north northeast at 5 knots, gusting to 10. He recalled that once the accident was "imminent" he reduced power and attempted to guide the airplane between the trees. See the student's flight track diagram, which is attached to his statement.

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