On June 29, 1998, at 1005 hours mountain standard time, an Aeronca Chief 65-CA, N34482, struck the lights at the end of the runway at the Deer Valley Airport, Phoenix, Arizona. The aircraft sustained substantial damage, and the private pilot and passenger, the sole occupants, were not injured. The local personal flight was terminating at the time of the accident. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed.

The pilot reported that he performed a full-stall landing on runway 25R. During the rollout, the aircraft veered to the left. The pilot stated that he applied aileron to try to keep the plane level, but the airplane continued to pull to the left. He reported that to avoid having the right wing contact the ground, he decided to roll off the runway. The aircraft contacted the visual approach slope indicator (VASI) lights causing damage to the horizontal stabilizer.

The pilot reported that he had not noticed any crosswind component on the final approach. The wind was from 220 degrees at 10 knots. The pilot reported no mechanical malfunction with the aircraft prior to the accident.

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