On June 18, 1998, at 1615 hours Pacific daylight time, an Offord KR-2, N687RL, experimental aircraft, departed runway 27L after landing at Gillespie Field, San Diego, California. The left wing impacted the ground and the aircraft cartwheeled before coming to rest on a taxiway. The airplane, operated by the pilot under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 91, sustained substantial damage. The private pilot/owner/builder, the sole occupant, was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions existed for the personal flight that had originated from Brown field, San Diego at 1600. No flight plan was filed.

The pilot stated that he had been cleared to land on runway 27R and to report 3 miles. He was then asked to "change to [runway] 27L cleared to land 27L." Upon landing, the aircraft bounced twice and a go-around was initiated. The pilot reported that the left wing dropped, the plane turned to the left and down and may have entered a partial stall. The left wing impacted the runway; the airplane cartwheeled, and came to rest on its belly.

Approximately 1610, a pilot taxiing a Cessna 152 towards runway 27L witnessed the accident. The witness observed the KR-2 touch down onto runway 27L while simultaneously rocking from side to side. Several seconds later, he then stated that the aircraft was airborne and "barely out of ground effect" when it entered a left turn at 30 degrees of bank. He observed the aircraft swerve across the taxiway and turn left almost 90 degrees when the lower wing struck the taxiway. The aircraft contacted the ground, came to a sudden stop, and "split up into several pieces".

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