On March 21, 1998, approximately 1745 Pacific standard time, a Hughes 369E, N5245P, registered to and operated by Trident Seafoods Corporation, was substantially damaged during a hard landing at Boeing Field, Seattle, WA. The pilot and one passenger received minor injuries. The two remaining passengers received no injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan had been filed. The flight, which was for personal purposes, was operated under 14CFR91, and originated from Barnes Island, WA approximately 40 minutes prior to the accident.

During an interview, the pilot stated that everything was normal until he was about 30 feet in the air on short final. At that point he experienced a loss of power but the engine did not quit. After the resulting hard landing, the engine was still running and shut down by the pilot.

The helicopter was examined on March 23, 1998 after it had been moved to a hanger. Pressure and vacuum checks were performed on the engine fuel system. Fuel screens were also examined. No discrepancies were noted. The engine was later transported by the insurance company to ACRO Aerospace in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Allison representative who observed the testing there reported that the engine started and ran normally during the tests except for a discrepancy about 40 minutes into the test when the engine failed to accelerate from idle. The scroll to PC filter tube B-nuts were found to be loose and the engine again performed normally after tightening. This line had previously been removed as part of the system pressure tests.

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