On October 29, 1997, at 1706 central standard time, a Cessna 150M airplane, N9182U, owned and operated by Wright Flyers Inc., of San Antonio, Texas, was substantially damaged after being rolled over by jet blast while taxiing behind a Boeing 727-231, N54333, owned and operated by Trans World Airlines, at the San Antonio International Airport, San Antonio, Texas. Both occupants, the certified flight instructor and the student pilot, were uninjured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the Title 14 CFR Part 91 instructional flight. The Cessna had just landed after conducting a local training flight and was taxiing back to the ramp when the accident occurred.

The flight instructor reported the following information on NTSB Form 6120.1/2 (Pilot/Operator Report): The student landed the airplane on runway 12L and exited the runway at taxiway Alpha. After receiving clearance from Ground Control (GC) to taxi to the their ramp and hold short of taxiway Delta, they taxied the airplane southeast on taxiway Romeo and received a new clearance to pass behind a taxiing Boeing 727. The 727 was passing in front of them from left to right, on taxiway Delta. The Cessna held short of taxiway Delta to allow the 727 to pass in front of them. After passing, the 727 came to a complete stop at the intersection of taxiway Delta and runway 12L. GC then cleared the Cessna taxi behind the 727 and also advised them of another aircraft that was taxiing outbound from the ramp. As this was occurring, GC cleared the 727 to proceed across runway 12L. As the 727 throttled up, the Cessna, which was then in the path of jet blast from the 727, lifted completely off the ground and was rotated to the right. The airplane struck the ground with the left wing tip and propeller and came to rest upright, facing the opposite direction of the taxing 727.

Inspection of the aircraft by an FAA inspector revealed that right wing spar was structurally damaged.

The following is an excerpt from a certified transcript of the ground communications during the event:

1704:52 Ground Control "cessna niner one eight two uniform a you got the seven twenty seven in sight you can hold for him or taxi down the taxiway and make a left turn on november your choice"

1704:59 N9182U "eight two uniform we'll hold for him

1705:01 Ground Control "okay pass behind him taxi to wright flyers use caution you got company coming out of wright flyers"

1705:05 N9182U "behind the seven twenty seven uh for wright flyers then we'll stay to the right for that outbound uh traffic"

1706:24 Ground Control "t w a forty three thirty three cross runway one two left hold short of one two right"

1706:29 TWA4333 "roger crossin one two left holdin short of one two right"

1706:32 Ground Control "eight two uniform caution jet blast he's moving"

1706:35 N9182U "eight two uniform"

1706:48 Unknown "(unintelligible) are you guys okay"

1706:50 Ground Control "nine one eight two uniform you all right"

1706:52 N9182U "eight two uniform we're fine sir we're going to need somebody to tow this plane off"

Ground Control's taxi clearances to all of the aircraft involved were given in compliance with applicable FAA guidelines for ground movement of aircraft. Both the Cessna and Boeing 727 complied with their respective taxi clearances.

The pilot of the Cessna stated that he had taxied behind large aircraft before at the same place, and with similar taxi clearances. He also stated that he would have not proceeded behind the 727 if he was aware that the jet was powering up from a "dead stop."

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