On June 28, 1995, at 2115 Alaska daylight time, an amphibious float equipped Cessna 185 airplane, N9667Q, registered to and operated by the pilot, landed on the water with the wheels down and nosed over during landing at Chena Marina, Fairbanks, Alaska. The personal flight, operating under 14 CFR Part 91, departed from the water at Chena Marina for a local flight. No flight plan was filed and visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The commercial certificated pilot and his one passenger were not injured. The airplane received substantial damage.

According to the pilot, he believes that he put the wheels down out of habit because he normally flies a retractable gear Mooney airplane. He stated there was no mechanical problem with the airplane.

Subsequent examination of the airplane by a Federal Aviation Administration, Flight Standards Inspector showed that the wheels on the amphibious floats were extended and that the landing gear control handle was in the down position.

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