On April 7, 1995, at 1600 central daylight time, a Cessna 152, N68190, was substantially damaged during a forced landing near Orange, Texas. The student pilot was seriously injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the solo cross country flight.

On the enclosed Pilot/Operator Report, the pilot reported the following information. The planned route of flight was from Beauregard Parish Airport (DRI), Tyler County Airport (09R), Pineland Airport (T24), and returning to Beauregard Parish Airport. Upon the return flight to Beauregard Parish Airport, the pilot became disoriented while trying to navigate around weather. He flew for "30-40 minutes" bypassing an airport. The pilot made radio contact with Beaumont Approach Control, and was vectored to Orange County Airport (ORG). The engine lost power during a left turn to base for runway 04 at Orange County Airport, and attempts to restart the engine were unsuccessful. During the attempted landing the airplane "hit main wheels then bounced and nosed to the ground."

A witness observed the airplane turn final for runway 04 just before the engine lost power. The witness reported that during the downwind landing, she observed the airplane make a pitch attitude oscillation descent, and land "hard" on it's "nose" 1,200 feet prior to the departure end of the runway. The airplane departed the right side of the runway, and came to rest 225 feet from the initial touchdown point. The witness further reported that the winds were from the south at 10-14 miles per hour.

Examination of the airplane and engine did not disclose any structural or mechanical anomalies. The fuel system revealed no evidence of fuel leakage and it had a total of 32 ounces of fuel.

Both wings were bent downward, the firewall and cabin were deformed, and the nose landing gear was separated.

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