On March 20, 1995, at 1105 central standard time, a Ryan Aeronautical ST3-KR, N54430, was substantially damaged during landing near Blue Ridge, Texas. The airline transport rated pilot sustained minor injures. The flight originated at a private airstrip near Blue Ridge, Texas, with Addison (ADS), Texas as its intended destination. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the cross country flight. No flight plan was filed and no weather briefing was obtained for the personal flight.

According to the pilot, the engine began to lose power immediately after takeoff from his private airstrip. After switching fuel tanks, the pilot elected to land the airplane straight ahead in a deep-plowed field. The pilot added that the airplane touched down with a "fairly high rate of descent," and the airplane nosed over after the main landing gears buried themselves in the soft ground.

The engine was examined by the owner following the accident. The reason for the loss of engine power could not be determined.

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