On February 25, 1995 about 1450 eastern standard time, N6291P, a Cessna 152 airplane, registered to Gertibs Aviation Inc., was substantially damaged during a forced landing on a road in North Bergen, New Jersey. The certified flight instructor (CFI), and student pilot were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions existed. The flight was operated under 14 CFR Part 91.

The instructional flight departed Morristown Municipal Airport, New Jersey. They did a touch and go landing at Danbury Municipal Airport, Connecticut. The flight was returning to Morristown when the accident occurred.

According to the pilot, "while flying south bound in the VFR corridor over the Hudson River we were experiencing light turbulence. About 2-3 miles south of the George Washington bridge we experienced severe turbulence and at that time we lost engine power... I turned towards the field on final approach the engine started. Full power was applied with an initial climb. After a few seconds the engine quit totally. At that time we were to fast to make the field so we went for the road right next to the field. While making a right turn to get aligned with the road we hit a traffic light with the left wing." The airplane cartwheeled to the left and came to rest in a nose down position.

A witness reported, "they were in a skidding right turn, striking an overhead light stanchion with the far leading edge of the left wing. They then cartwheeled at an approximately 45% angle to the ground coming to rest in a 60% nose low position approximately 150' [feet] from the point of impact with the light [stanchion]."

According to the FAA, the fuel selector switch was found in the "on" position. No fuel was found in the right tank, and approximately 3 to 4 gallons of fuel was found in the left tank.

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