On November 11, 1994, at 0145 central standard time, a Piper PA- 28R-200, N32196, was substantially damaged when it ran off the side of the runway after landing at Rochelle Municipal Airport, Rochelle, Illinois. The student pilot, who had been practicing touch and go landings, was not injured. The 14 CFR Part 91 instructional flight originated from Aurora, Illinois, at 0100 without flight plan in visual meteorological conditions.

The student pilot reported that after the airplane touched down on runway 25 (4226' x 75'), it began to drift to the left. In an attempt to correct the drifting, the pilot stated he applied the right brake. He stated, "After right brake application, I noticed no correction, at which time the left edge of runway 25 was quickly approaching. I then applied full force right brake, with left brake (slight), at which time the airplane skidded in the damp grass and then came to an abrupt stop in a freshly plowed muddy farm field approx. 30 yards south of the runway." Both the nose gear and the right landing gear collapsed before the airplane came to rest.

No preimpact mechanical anomalies were reported by the pilot. An FAA Airworthiness Inspector, who represented the NTSB on scene, performed a postaccident examination. He stated the brakes appeared normal and operated properly. No abnormalities were found during the inspection.

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