On October 23, 1994, at 1345 eastern daylight time, N9667Q, a Cessna A185F, an amphibian airplane with retractable landing gear, crashed during landing in a pond in North New Portland, Maine. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan was not filed. The certificated commercial pilot and passenger were not injured. The airplane sustained substantial damage. The personal flight was operated under 14 CFR 91 and had originated in Norridgewock, Maine.

The pilot reported that he departed from a paved airport earlier. He stated that he completed his after takeoff checklist which included retracting the landing gear. The pilot stated that he failed to notice that the circuit breaker had popped for the landing gear. Upon touchdown on the pond the landing gear struck the water and the airplane nosed over.

According to an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector who examined the airplane after the accident stated that the landing gear handle was in the up position and the landing gear motor circuit breaker was popped. He stated that when power was applied to the airplane the landing gear motor operated normally. The pilot reported that the accident could have been prevented if he had a positive reinforcement of the green gear lights. He stated that due to numerous paved airport landings he fell into a trap.

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