On August 15, 1994, at 1400 Hawaii standard time, a Bell helicopter 47-G3B, N65678, crashed during landing in front of the Continental Hotel beach area at Truk Island, Federated States of Micronesia, about 150 miles southeast of Guam. The pilot was conducting a local visual flight rules personal flight. The helicopter, operated by Hansen Helicopters, Tamuning, Guam, sustained substantial damage. The certificated commercial pilot sustained fatal injuries. The flight originated from a tuna boat operating near the Truk Islands at 1330 hours.

The operator reported in the National Transportation Safety Board Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident Report, NTSB Form 6120.1/2, that the pilot was executing a steep approach in a confined area on the beach. The area was surrounded with large coconut trees. During the steep approach, the rotor blades struck a coconut tree that tore the transmission and rotor head from the helicopter.

He said the helicopter then descended, uncontrollably, to the ground. The landing area sloped downward and the helicopter rolled over.

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