On August 13, 1994, at 0840 central daylight time, a Cessna 150M, N704RK, was substantially damaged when it collided with trees near Glen Rose, Texas. The airplane, flown by a commercial pilot, was on a local aerial observation flight. There was no flight plan filed and visual meteorological conditions prevailed. Neither the pilot nor the passenger were injured.

According to the pilot, who was also a flight instructor, the flight had departed the Cleburne, Texas, airport, approximately 0745 and flown to the Glen Rose area. The purpose of the flight was to attempt to spot lost cattle belonging to the passenger. The pilot stated that the passenger was riding in the left seat and he was in the right seat as he felt more comfortable in that seat.

The pilot stated that as he was maneuvering the airplane in a turn approximately 500 to 600 feet AGL, he felt a slight buffet and suspected an "accelerated stall." He attempted to regain control by "applying simultaneous full power, slight nose down pitch and leveling the wings" and he stated he could feel the airplane start to sink. He further stated that at that point, the passenger reached for the controls and pulled the yoke back to an aft position. The passenger immediately released the controls when the instructor yelled at him; however, the instructor was unable to effect recovery in the altitude available prior to the airplane impacting trees.

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