On August 30, 1994, at 1045 central daylight time, a Cessna 182, N2452M, sustained substantial damage following a loss of engine power and subsequent forced landing at Indianapolis Brookside Airpark, Indianapolis, Indiana. The commercial pilot reported no injuries. The 14 CFR Part 91 flight originated from Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport, Indianapolis, at 1035. The flight operated in visual meteorological conditions without flight plan.

In a statement made to the FAA, the pilot reported that upon his arrival at Indianapolis Brookside, he decided to practice emergency engine out procedures. The pilot stated he began the procedure by pulling the mixture control. The airplane then lost all engine power and the pilot attempted to make an emergency landing on runway 24. The pilot stated he did not put the mixture control back in to the rich position because the propeller had stopped spinning. He also did not attempt to restart the engine because he stated he was committed to the landing. The pilot stated the airplane did not have enough airspeed nor altitude to complete the turn from base to final. After clearing a road, the airplane stalled and impacted the runway. After the initial impact, the airplane bounced, impacted a bean field adjacent to the runway, and became inverted.

No preimpact mechanical abnormalities were reported by the pilot.

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