On July 29, 1994, at 1710 central daylight time, a Miller Kitfox, N4268Y, piloted by the registered owner/builder, sustained substantial damage when it impacted trees while on final approach to the pilot's grass airstrip (Timber Trails Airport) in Spencer, Indiana. The 76 year-old private pilot, the sole occupant, reported no injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the local flight, no flight plan was filed. The flight operated under 14 CFR Part 91, and originated from Spencer, Indiana, approximately 1700.

The pilot reported he realized he was too low during the landing approach to Runway 36. He stated he "...added power to correct, [then] reduced power, suddenly observed tree and collided...insufficient correction." The right wing tip struck the tree and the airplane descended to the ground in an area of small trees. The pilot stated the airplane came to rest in the trees "...suspended, nose 45 degrees down, right wing 45 degrees down..." about 3 feet off the ground. He exited the airplane through the left door, "...climbed down landing gear, walked away."

The pilot stated he had accumulated 475 hours total flight time since his first flight in 1947. He reported 33 hours in the accident make and model airplane, including 10 hours in the preceding 90 days. The pilot indicated the homebuilt airplane had a "blind area [at the one o'clock to two o'clock position] in approach condition due to aircraft nose." He stated he had recently removed several trees in an attempt to reduce the obstacles along the approach path for the 2,000 foot long grass runway.

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