On January 10, 1994, at 1018 central standard time, a Nelson Ford V-6 STOL, N4288L, was substantially damaged during landing near San Benito, Texas. The private pilot sustained serious injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the personal local area flight.

During a personal interview conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector, a witness stated that the aircraft "veered" to the left after becoming airborne from runway 12 at San Benito Municipal airport. The witness stated to the inspector that the "aircraft then made a right turn at which point the engine quit and restarted." The witness observed the pilot attempt to level the airplane wings for landing on runway 30. The right wing hit the ground 30 feet short of the runway.

Site examination by the inspector revealed "propeller ground scars 24 feet" from where the wing reportedly hit the ground. The engine was found separated from the airframe. The main wreckage came to rest on a measured magnetic heading of 270 degrees. Physical evidence of fuel was found.

During personal interviews, conducted by FAA inspectors, a relative and the pilot stated that the "pilot did not remember anything about the accident."

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