On February 6, 1999, at 1541 central standard time, a Socata TB 9 Tampico, N544PC, operated by a newly certificated private pilot collided with a hole in the terrain after overrunning the runway during an aborted takeoff. The private pilot was operating on Runway 30R (3,800'x75') at the St. Louis Downtown-Parks Airport, Cahokia, Illinois, at the time of the accident. The pilot was not injured. The airplane was substantially damaged. The 14 CFR Part 91 solo instructional local flight was operating in visual meteorological conditions without a flight plan. The flight originated from the St. Louis Downtown-Parks Airport, Cahokia, Illinois.

The pilot stated that upon returning from a cross country flight he requested a touch and go landing. The air traffic control tower controller cleared him for a touch and go. While on short final the controller then stated that she would call the roll- out. The pilot stated that he was not sure what this meant, but since the controller was busy, and he was taught not to interrupt controllers, he continued the landing. The pilot stated that during his landing roll he heard another airplane being cleared for a touch and go on the same runway so he decided to taxi off the runway. He stated that when nearing the end of the runway at a speed of about 25 knots, he received a transmission from the tower clearing him to takeoff. The pilot reported that as a student he was "...taught to trust ATC [air traffic control] - to do as instructed. So I proceeded to give the plane power and communicated to tower, Parks 44 clear to take-off." He stated he soon realized that there was " way I could safely take off - I just didn't have enough runway to take off." The pilot reported that he reduced the power and applied the brakes; however, the airplane continued off the end of the runway into the grass. He stated that as the airplane slowed it veered to the left at which point the left wing tipped, scraping the ground. The right main gear then contacted a hole and the right wing lowered to contact with the terrain.

According to the transcript of ATC communications, the pilot was initially cleared to fly a left base for runway 30L. This clearance was later changed instructing the pilot to fly a right base for runway 30R. The controller then cleared N544PC for a touch and go and to make right closed traffic. The next transmission received from the controller was "parks forty four make this a full stop I'll call your departure roll." The pilot responded, "parks forty four is going to make this a full stop and you call my departure roll." The controller then stated, "parks forty four you can keep rolling ah runway three zero right cleared for takeoff." The pilot responded, "three zero left ah three zero right cleared for takeoff parks forty four."

Chapter 3, Section 8, of the Air Traffic Control Handbook (Order 7110.65L) states, "Establish the sequence of arriving and departing aircraft by requiring them to adjust flight or ground operation, as necessary, to achieve proper spacing." An example of the phraseology to be used is "CLEARED: TOUCH-AND-GO or STOP- AND-GO or LOW APPROACH."

The pilot reported, "Upon reflection I know that even though tower instructed me to take-off I should have went with what I felt to be the correct thing to do. I should have taxied off the runway then communicated to tower my reasons for doing so."

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