Strategic Goal No. 3 - Conduct fair and expeditious adjudication of airmen and mariner appeals from the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Coast Guard enforcement actions and certificate denials

Strategic Goal No. 3 recognizes our continuing commitment to a fair appeals process for airmen and mariners to ensure a thorough and independent adjudication while providing due process to those affected and safeguarding the integrity of the aviation and marine safety enforcement system.

To achieve this goal, the following objective and strategies will be applied:


  • Effectively manage the appeals process and appropriately protect the rights of airmen and mariners seeking the NTSB's review, balancing their interests with those of aviation and marine safety.


  • Continue to increase administrative law judges' case closure rate.
  • Continue to decrease non-emergency backlog cases on hand.

Performance Measures

  • Percentage of total cases disposed of during the fiscal year
  • Total number of non-emergency enforcement backlog cases on hand

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A Message from the Chairman

About the NTSB
Legislative Mandate
Core Values

Strategic Goal No. 1

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Strategic Goal No. 3

Strategic Goal No. 4

Appendix I
Measuring Our Success

Appendix II
Key Factors
Evaluation and Planning


Strategic Plan