Strategic Goal No. 2 -Recommend and advocate actions to improve global transportation safety

Because our mission is to independently advance transportation safety, Strategic Goal No. 2, which affects the safety of the entire transportation system, cascades into strategic objectives that emphasize advocacy and outreach. Issuing, advancing, and closing recommendations remain an important core function of the agency. This goal emphasizes our need to promote items on the Most Wanted List. The Most Wanted List is designed as a transparent tool to increase awareness of, and support for, the most critical changes needed to reduce transportation accidents and save lives. Leveraging our unique position in the safety industry, we believe it is necessary to lead the transportation community with integrity to ensure that emerging safety issues are being addressed and that political leadership is aware of public policy implications.

To achieve this goal, the following objectives and strategies will be applied:


  • Identify new and creative ways to advocate safety recommendations and other safety actions.
  • Maintain and advocate items on the Most Wanted List.


  • Implement appropriate safety recommendations from investigations and safety studies.
  • Publicly recognize safety recommendations that are implemented and those that, unimplemented, show a persistent risk.
  • Publicize the up-to-date status of all safety recommendations through the NTSB website and other public communication channels.
  • Increase advocacy efforts with regard to emerging safety issues through ongoing dialogue with relevant government and other stakeholders, testimony, and other public communications.

Performance Measures

  • Number of safety recommendations adopted over the last 5 years
  • Number of non-traditional methods used to address, and advocate for, safety recommendations
  • Percent of Most Wanted List issue areas that are new to the list

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