NTSB Training Center.

Aircraft Accident Investigation (AS101)

Comments From Previous Participants

When asked if the course was informative and applicable to their work...
  • "Quite a lot of information related directly to safety of flight issues I use in my work daily."
  • "I learned methods and techniques to improve aircraft accident investigation in my country. Outstanding!"
  • "As a field investigation trainer for technicians, I now have a great deal more technical information to take them to a deeper level of preparedness."
  • "I gained a much better view of how an investigation should be conducted and many things to be aware of."
  • "Learned a great amount to support investigation of mishap aircraft."
  • "The hands-on exercises were excellent training aids."
  • "Although I participate in highway accidents, a lot of the course material can be related to our investigations."
  • "Hands-on exercise made course material very practicable."
  • "Excellent course with highly experienced instructors."
When asked about the quality of the instructors...
  • "It is immediately apparent that these instructors are among the top in the aviation industry."
  • "The NTSB has an impressive staff. I have been very appreciative of their accessibility and experience."
  • "All presenters were tops in their particular subject of expertise. Very willing to share their knowledge and answer questions. They were also willing to talk with students during breaks!"
  • "It’s great that the instructors are investigators with experience in specific fields."
  • "Instructors exhibit a willingness to engage students both during and after class."
  • "Quite a diverse group of very knowledgeable instructors able to effectively get points across to students."
  • "Presenters were incredibly knowledgeable and well prepared."
  • "The instructors have all been very informative and they all showed impressive expertise."
  • "The expectation of the NTSB staff precedes itself universally and all performed admirably."
When asked if they enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others...
  • "Definitely! I have already recommended that members from our flight and risk management departments attend."
  • "I would recommend this course to my peers, both in government and in the aviation industry."
  • "Yes. I learned a lot that would be helpful in my job!"
  • "This course is extremely important to aircraft accident investigators."
  • "Excellent course. Instructors were exceptional. Great facilities and well-timed breaks."
  • "Numerous teams from my organization are interested in attending, and will do so in the very near future."
  • "I would recommend this course to my colleagues without hesitation."

When asked about the quality and comfort of the training facility...

  • "Excellent facility. Good visibility and sound system. Temperature is just right."
  • "Facility is well-suited for interaction and discussion between students and instructors."
  • "Outstanding facility. Very user friendly for presenters as well as attendees. Access to lab was effective, useful and appreciated!"
  • "NTSB Training Center facility is very impressive. Positives include layout, stadium seating and ergonomically designed furniture, etc."
  • "Superb. Comfortable, well designed and run, kept on time, good breaks, no complaints."
  • "Acoustics are very good."
  • "The room temperature, chairs, etc. were great!"
  • "Several instructors mentioned how proud they were of the facility. They should be!"
  • "Good seating, view, temperature, support facilities, comfort and appearance."
  • "Excellent learning environment. The best government training facility I have been to."

Additional comments…

  • "Excellent program! I applaud the NTSB in their pursuit to improve safety by sharing knowledge and experience at this beautiful Training Center."
  • "Frankly, this is one of the best training classes I have ever attended. Enjoying it immensely and learned a lot. The Training Center assembled a great group of instructors. Have enjoyed them all."
  • "A unique and very worthwhile experience."

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