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Safety Recommendations
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 Safety Recommendations

Safety recommendations are issued by the NTSB following the investigation of transportation accidents and the completion of safety studies. Recommendations usually address a specific issue uncovered during an investigation or study and specify how to correct the situation. Letters containing the recommendations are sent to the organization best able to address the safety issue, whether it is public or private.

Safety Recommendations Search

The NTSB provides multiple methods to search and view safety recommendations and associated correspondence:
  • Search the NTSB's Safety Recommendations Database using a variety of criteria, including recommendation number, issue date, mode, addressee, keyword or other information. This query displays the text of the NTSB's recommendations , their current status, and correspondence with the recommendation recipient.
  • Search the text of all NTSB recommendation letters. This query displays only the recommendation letter, but allows the user to conduct a comprehensive search of the text of all safety recommendation letters issued by the NTSB.