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Closing Remarks – Safe Transportation of School-Age Children, Back-to-School Press Conference, and Safety Demonstrations, Rockville, MD
T. Bella Dinh-Zarr, PhD, MPH
Rockville, MD

Watch the press conference on youtube.​​​

Thank you to each of our speakers today who have provided us such important messages to start off this school year, with special thanks to Mr. Fitzgerald and his team for hosting the child passenger safety event for 17 years!

Thank you for reminding us that each of us – no matter who we are or how we get around – has a responsibility to keep each other safe – and to keep our children safe.

I appreciate these reminders from our speakers, as my own son starts his first day of school:

First, obey the law: The start of the school year means different traffic patterns. None of us is so busy that we cannot wait for a stopped school bus, yield at a cross walk, or obey the speed limit in a school zone.  We can all practice our patience.

Walking to school means walking to school: Use sidewalks and crosswalks, pay attention especially around traffic – no texting or chasing Pikachus please!

If you bike: Plan your route and wear a helmet to protect your brain.

For our teen drivers:  Your license probably limits the number of teen passengers you can have. Wear your seat belt and drive smart – don’t get distracted by passengers, texting, or anything else. Parents of teens, there are resources like the CDC’s “Parents are the Key” to help you, too!

And everyone – Always Buckle Up.  Every time and in every seat, including the back seats.  This is one simple action that can save your life.  Schools – consider requiring everyone to be belted when driving on or off of school property.  And, as we see at the event here, kids need age-appropriate safety seats well into their school years. If you have questions about child passenger safety, Safe Kids can help you get instructions like at the event here today - it’s free and it’s often in your community.

Remember, the big yellow school bus is safe. Although not all school buses have seatbelts, even without them, school buses are among the safest vehicles on the road.

And finally, let’s follow the message that started right here in Montgomery County, let’s remember to “Look Out for Each Other” on the roads!

Aprovechen las demonstraciones.  Espero que tengan un excelente año escolar.  Y recuerden, todos podemos contribuir a una comunidad mas segura.

Enjoy the demonstrations, have a great new school year, and let’s look out for each other every day so we can all get home safely.

Thank you.