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Remarks for the FBI/ERT and NTSB Joint Training, NTSB Academy, Ashburn, VA
Mark V. Rosenker
FBI/ERT and NTSB Joint Training, NTSB Academy, Ashburn, VA


One of the many lessons our agency has learned about accident investigation is that strong inter-governmental relationships are vital.

This joint training program is one of the examples of the progress we've made developing productive working relationships, especially with the FBI.

Joint Work of NTSB and FBI

The NTSB has had the benefit of FBI Evidence Response Teams assisting at some accident scenes. The tools and resources the ERTs bring have been exceptionally valuable. For example, wreckage distribution maps were developed for the Charlotte and Kirksville aviation accidents where a click of the mouse on the map opened a description and photo of the piece.

The NTSB-and we hope the FBI too-- realized from these initial encounters that we have much to learn from each other, and many ways in which we can help each other. That realization led to the understanding for the need for this cross training.

Development of Training

Thanks to the work of the FBI/ERT office, particularly the training team here today, and their counterpart developers and trainers at the NTSB, we are taking the next steps in creating prepared and knowledgeable groups to investigate accidents. The FBI will be teaching the NTSB about it tools and techniques, and the NTSB will be teaching how we run investigations.

Today is the first day of what the NTSB envisions will be a long and mutually beneficial partnership, so we can continue to improve our accident investigation skills, and ultimately improve the safety of all modes of transportation.