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Closing Statement - Board Meeting: Special Investigation Report on Selected Issues in Passenger Vehicle Tire Safety, Washington, DC
Christopher A. Hart
NTSB Conference Center, Washington, DC

​In closing, I would like to recognize the hard work of the NTSB staff in producing this report, and thank my fellow Board Members for their very helpful participation in the process.

In 2013, 539 people died in tire-related crashes.  Today’s recommendations, if acted upon, hold the promise of saving some of the lives lost to tire-related crashes every year.  Better tire registration processes, more accessible tire-recall information, and ultimately better recall completion rates will be crucial to reducing tire-related crashes and deaths.

NHTSA and the tire industry can act together to further extend tire service life, and to provide consumers the information that they need to decrease their risk of aging-related tire failures.

But consumers themselves can play an enormous role in their own safety with regard to their tires. That’s why today’s report includes an updated safety alert titled “Drivers: Manage Tire Risks for a Safer Ride.”

We hope that these tips help drivers to think of tire maintenance as a must-do periodic task, rather than just an optional add-on for the occasional long-distance trip.

Bringing about behavioral change is always challenging, and efforts to effect such changes must improve, to give motorists one more defense against roadway deaths and injuries.

We cannot change what happened in the past, and we cannot bring back the 539 fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and friends who lost their lives due to tire causes in 2013. But action on today’s recommendations can help bring those numbers down in future years.

We stand adjourned.