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Agenda & Presentations
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Agenda & Presentations

Public Hearing: Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion and Fire, San Bruno, CA, September 9, 2010


Day 1 - Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Opening Statements

Panel 1: PG&E Operations

  • Mark Kazimirsky, PG&E, Supervising Gas Engineer
  • Keith Slibasager, PG&E, Manager, Gas System Operations
  • Chih-hung Lee, Sr. Consulting Gas Engineer, Risk Management
  • Brian Daubin, PG&E, Sr. Manager Regulator Support and Analysis
  • Sara Peralta, PG&E, Integrity Management Manager
  • Edward Salas, PG&E, Sr. VP Engineering and Operations

Technical Panel: Matt Nicholson, Ravi Chhatre


Continuation of questioning Panel 1

Panel 2: Integrity Management

  • Edward Salas, PG&E, Sr. VP Engineering and Operations
  • Frank Dauby, PG&E, Supervising Engineering
  • Bob Fassett, PG&E, Director, Integrity Management and Technical Support

Technical Panel:  Karl Gunther, Ravi Chhatre


Day 2 – Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Panel 3: Public Awareness

  • Dennis Haag, City of San Bruno, Fire Chief
  • James (Jim) Narva, NASFM, Executive Director
  • Peter Lidiak, API, Pipeline Director
  • Terry Boss, INGAA, Sr. VP Environment Safety and Operations
  • Carl Weimer, Pipeline Safety Trust, Executive Director
  • Aaron Rezendez, PG&E,  Sr. Program Manager, Safety Health and Claims
  • Annmarie Robertson, PHMSA, Program Manager

Technical Panel:  Dana Sanzo, Bob Trainor


Panel 4: State and Federal Oversight

  • Dennis Lee, CPUC, Sr. Utilities Engineer, Supervisor
  • Richard Clark, CPUC, Director, Consumer Protection and Safety Division
  • Julie Halligan, CPUC, Deputy Director, Consumer Protection and Safety Division
  • Linda Daugherty, PHMSA, Deputy Associate Administrator for Policy and Program
  • Zach Barrett, PHMSA, Director, State Programs
  • Paul Metro,  NAPSR, Vice-Chair

Technical Panel: Ravi Chhatre, Karl Gunther, Matt Nicholson


Day 3 – Thursday, March 3, 2011

Panel 5: Industry Wide Technology

  • Geoff Foreman, GE, Growth and Strategy Leader
  • Charles Dippo, AGA, Vice President, Engineering Services & Systems Integrity, South Jersey Gas Company
  • Christina Sames, AGA, Vice President, Operations and Engineering
  • Fraser Farmer, Pipelink Associates, Owner
  • Robert Smith, PHMSA, Research and Development Manager
  • Joshua Johnson, PHMSA, Materials Engineer
  • Alan Mayberry, PHMSA, Deputy Associate Administrator for Field Operations

Technical Panel: Frank Zakar, Carl Schultheisz, Mike Budinski, Ravi Chhatre, Bob Trainor

Closing Statements



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