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Accident Report Detail

​Safety Recommendation Report: Uncommanded Nosewheel Steering Anomalies During Landing in Embraer EMB-145 Regional Jets

Executive Summary

​The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is providing the following information to urge Embraer and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to take action on the safety recommendations in this report. These recommendations are derived from our investigations, as well as our participation in foreign-led investigations, of several runway excursion events involving uncommanded nosewheel steering anomalies during landing in Embraer EMB-145 regional jets. As a result of these investigations, the NTSB is issuing two safety recommendations to Embraer and three safety recommendations to the FAA.

Probable Cause


To Embraer:

In cooperation with Parker Aerospace and Woodward HRT, study and revise the acceptance test procedures for the nosewheel steering manifold assembly and electrohydraulic servo valve on Embraer EMB-135, EMB-140, and EMB-145 aircraft to adequately identify any foreign object debris that may be present. (A-17-2)

Issue an operations bulletin informing your operators that the use of binder brackets to hold chart binders is not approved by Embraer and could cause a hazardous condition if a binder becomes dislodged from the bracket. (A-17-3)

To the Federal Aviation Administration:

(1) Review Woodward HRT’s manufacturing process and quality control program for the electrohydraulic servo valve and require improvements to eliminate manufacturing or assembly errors and nonconformances that could cause uncommanded nosewheel steering anomalies in Embraer EMB-135, EMB-140, and EMB-145 aircraft; and (2) monitor and verify the effectiveness of any improvements. (A-17-4)

After Embraer issues the operations bulletin as recommended in Safety Recommendation A-17-3, notify operators of Embraer aircraft that the use of binder brackets to hold chart binders could cause a hazardous condition if a binder becomes dislodged from the bracket and encourage operators to comply with the Embraer operations bulletin. (A-17-5)

Require operators of Embraer EMB-135, EMB-140, and EMB-145 airplanes to incorporate training for uncommanded swerving on landing in their initial and recurrent simulator training programs. (A-17-6)

Accident Location: Multiple , Multiple    
Accident Date: 6/7/2013
Accident ID: DCA13WA123, ENG13IA020, ENG11IA047, CEN11IA234

Date Adopted: 2/1/2017
NTSB Number: ASR1702
NTIS Number:  

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