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Accident Report Detail

Cessna 310N, N4111Q

Executive Summary

Cessna 3l0N, N41llQ, a privately owned aircraft, crashed near Upland, California, at approxtmately 1255 P.s.t., on April 12, 1969. All five occupants vere fatally injured, and the aircraft was destroyed by impact and ground fire.

N4111Q was being veetored for an instrument approach to the Riverside Municipal Airport by the March AFB Approach Control facility at the time of the accident. When the radar controller noted that the target he was observing failed to follow the headings he assigned and the crew reported, he instructed them to climb to 4,000 feet, the upper limit of his airspace, and to proceed to the Riverside VOR and execute a VOR approach . The last transmission from the pilot was an acknowledgement to report over the VOR. The wreckage was found the day after the accident at 4,500 feet on the south slope of Cucamonga Canyon, approximately 16 miles north-northwest of the Riverside Airport. The weather in the Riverside area was: partial obscuration, estimated ceiling 2,000 feet, visibility 1-1/2 miles, haze and smoke.

Probable Cause

The Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the radar vectoring of the aircraft below terrain clearance level following target misidentification by the FAA controller.

Accident Location: Upland , CA    
Accident Date: 4/12/1969
Accident ID: LAX69A0058

Date Adopted: 6/25/1970
NTSB Number: AAR-70-13
NTIS Number: PB-193423

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