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Accident Report Detail

Mohawk Airlines, Inc., Fairchild Hiller FH-227B, N7811M

Executive Summary

Mohawk Airlines, Inc., Flight 411 of November 19, 1969, while en route to Glens Falls from Albany, New York, crashed about 2020 e.s.t. In mountalnous terrain approximately 9 nautical miles north of the Warren County Airport, Glens Falls, New York.

The flight had been cleared for a VOR approach to Runway 19, since the surface wind was from 1500 at 12 knots with gusts to 20 knots. The ceiling at Glens Falls was given as 2,100 feet overcast, and the visibility was 7 miles in light rain.

The flight overflew Glens Falls at 3,000 feet and proceeded north for about 1 minute and 15 seconds at which time a left turn was initiated prepatory to return to the airport to land on Runway 19. During the last portion of this turn, the aircraft contacted trees on the northwest slope of Pilot Knob Mountain on a heading of about 1800°, approximately 1 nautical mile east of Kattskill Bay, Nev York. It then impacted the face of a rock cliff, after which it dropped approximately 38 feet, became lodged between trees aand the side of the mountain, and burned.

The elevation of the initial impact vith the rock face of Pilot Knob Mountain was approximately 1,960 feet. The three crewmembers and 11 passengers received fatal injuries, and the aircraft was destroyed.

Probable Cause

The Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was that the captain, while conducting an approach, exceeded his clearance limits and, thereafter, flew the aircraft into a severe "lee of the mountain downdraft" at an altitude insufficient for recovery. No evidence was found to explain vhy this particular approach was attempted.

Accident Location: Glens Falls , NY    
Accident Date: 11/19/1969
Accident ID: AAR7012

Date Adopted: 6/25/1970
NTSB Number: AAR-70-12
NTIS Number: PB-193422

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