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Accident Report Detail

Japan Air Lines Company, Ltd., Convair 880, Model 22M, JA 8028, Grant County Airport

Executive Summary

Japan Air Lines training flight 90 of June 24, 1969, crashed at 1603 while executing a takeoff on Runway 32R. Of the five crewmembers and trainees on board, three received fatal injuries and two sustained serious burn injuries. The two survivors were the flight instructor and the flight engineer.

Shortly after lift-off, the flight instructor reduced power on No. 4 engine to check the trainee's emergency procedures, and the aircraft began to yaw to the right. This yaw continued to increase until, at a point approximately 6,500 feet down the runway, the right wing went down and the No. 4 engine pod made contact with the runway. In a severe sideslip to the right, the aircraft slid off the runway and thence in a northerly direction through 2,600 feet of rough terrain, breaking up and bursting into flames before it came to rest on an easterly heading. Four crewmembers escaped from the burning aircraft through a break in the fuselage, but of these four, only two survived. The body of one trainee was later found in the burned cockpit area. Ground impact and fire after impact almost completely destroyed the airplane.

Probable Cause

The Safety Board detemines that the probable cause of this accident was the delayed corrective action during a simulated critical-engine-out takeoff maneuver resulting in an excessive sideslip from which full recovery could not be effected.

Accident Location: Moses Lake , WA    
Accident Date: 6/24/1969
Accident ID: SEA69A0062

Date Adopted: 6/17/1970
NTSB Number: AAR-70-11
NTIS Number: PB-193421

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