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Accident Report Detail

Puerto Rico International Airlines, Inc., De Havilland Heron 114-2, N563PR

Executive Summary

Puerto Rico International Airlines (PRlNAIR), N563PR, a De Havilland Heron 114-2, a regularly scheduled air taxi passenger flight from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, crashed in the Sierra de Luquillo mountains while being vectored for an 118 approach to Runway 7 at the San Juan International Airport, at approximately 1738, March 5, 1569. The aircraft was destroyed. The accident was fatal to all 19 occupants aboard the aircraft: two crewmembers and 17 passengers.

The flight was operating on an IFR clearance and flying in actual IFR weather conditions. Following the transfer of control from San Juan Air Route Traffic Control Center to San Juan Approach Control, the flight was given an erroneous position report. Indications are that the flight complied with the subsequent radar vectors and altitude assignments until the accident became unavoidable.

The aircraft was not equipped with a radar transponder or distance measuring equipment (DHE).

Probable Cause

The Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the vectoring of the aircraft into mountainous terrain, under IFR conditions, without adequate obstruction clearance altitude by a controller who, for reasons beyond his control, was performing beyond the safe limits of his perfonnance capability and without adequate supervision.

Accident Location: San Juan , PR   Sierra de Luguillo
Accident Date: 3/5/1969
Accident ID: MIA69A0051

Date Adopted: 4/24/1970
NTSB Number: AAR-70-09
NTIS Number: PB-191991

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