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Accident Report Detail

Trans World Airlines, Inc., Boeing 707-331C, N787TW, National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center

Executive Summary

Trans World Airlines, Inc., Flight 5787 (TWA 5787) of July 26, 1969, a Boeing 707-331C, N787lW, crashed at approximately 1233 e.d.t. during a simulated three-engine, missed approach to Runway 13 at the National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center (NAFEC), Atlantic City Airport, Pomona, New Jersey. There were three TWA line captains, a flight engineer, and an instructor pilot on board the aircraft. All five were fatally injured.

Probable Cause

The Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was a loss of directional control, which resulted from the intentional shutdown ot the pumps supplying hydraulic pressure to the hydraulic the rudder without a concurrent restoration of power on the No. 4 engine. A contributing factor was the inadequacy of fluid loss emergency procedure when applied against the operating configuration of the aircraft.

Accident Location: Pomona , NJ    
Accident Date: 7/26/1969
Accident ID: 79451

Date Adopted: 3/25/1970
NTSB Number: AAR-70-08
NTIS Number: PB-191318

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