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Safety Recommendation Details

Safety Recommendation A-06-065
Synopsis: On February 7, 2006, the flight crew of a Douglas DC-8-71F, N748UP, operated by United Parcel Service (UPS) as flight 1307, conducted an emergency landing on runway 27R at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after reporting a cargo smoke indication. Air traffic control (ATC) initially cleared the flight to land on runway 27R; however, in accordance with emergency procedures at PHL, ATC changed the clearance to runway 27L after the flight crew reported the emergency. Although the pilot acknowledged the change in landing clearance, he continued for runway 27R. The controller ultimately cleared the flight to land on runway 27R when it was apparent that the flight crew had not understood the change in landing clearance. A fire erupted on board after landing, causing substantial damage to the airplane and numerous cargo containers. The three flight crewmembers were able to evacuate the airplane using the L1 slide and received minor injuries. Night visual meteorological conditions prevailed and an instrument flight rules flight plan had been filed for the flight from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, to PHL. The scheduled cargo flight was conducted under 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 121.
Recommendation: TO THE FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION: Amend FAA Order 7110.65, "Air Traffic Control," to require that, when amending a runway assignment, controllers provide a specific instruction to the pilot advising of the runway change. For example, "UPS 1307, change to runway 25L, cleared to land."
Original recommendation transmittal letter: PDF
Overall Status: Closed - Acceptable Action
Mode: Aviation
Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States
Is Reiterated: No
Is Hazmat: No
Accident #: DCA06MA022
Accident Reports: In-Flight Cargo Fire, United Parcel Service Company Flight 1307, McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71F, N748UP
Report #: AAR-07-07
Accident Date: 2/7/2006
Issue Date: 9/25/2006
Date Closed: 12/17/2010
Addressee(s) and Addressee Status: FAA (Closed - Acceptable Action)
Keyword(s): Air Traffic Control, Phraseology

Safety Recommendation History
From: NTSB
Date: 12/17/2010
Response: The NTSB is pleased that the FAA issued an interim change to the phraseology requirements through Notice JO 7110.17, effective May 4, 2010, and a permanent revision to Order 7110.65 through document change proposal 51-3-10-5, effective August 26, 2010. These revisions fully address Safety Recommendation A-06-65, which is classified CLOSED – ACCEPTABLE ACTION.

From: FAA
Date: 10/9/2010
Response: CC# 201000389: - From J. Randolph Babbitt, Administrator: The FAA included phraseology in FAA Order 7110,65, Chapter 3-10-5, Landing Clearance, to read "Change to runway (designator) cleared to land," when amending the landing runway. Notice JO 7110,517, effective May 4, 2010, through August 26, 2010, (next release of Order 7110,65) documents this change, Included is a copy of Notice JO 7110,517 (enclosure 1) and the Document Change Proposal 51-3-10-5 (enclosure 2). I believe that the FAA has effectively addressed this safety recommendation, and I consider our actions complete.

From: NTSB
Date: 1/5/2009
Response: The Safety Board notes that the FAA drafted a document change proposal (DCP) to amend FAA Order 7110.65, Air Traffic Control. Once the order has been amended, controllers will be required to add the phraseology change to runway when amending runway assignments. The addition of this phraseology will reduce the potential for misunderstandings when advising pilots of runway changes; however, the FAA stated that amended Order 7110.65 would not be published until March 2009. The Safety Board points out that the FAA had stated in a correspondence dated November 27, 2007, that, as an interim measure, it would be issuing a notice implementing the addition of the phrase change to runway” to FAA Order 7110.65 by the end of 2007; however, the FAA failed to meet that proposed timeline and two subsequent timelines that were proposed for 2008. The Safety Board is concerned that this recommendation was issued over 2 years ago and yet the FAA has made little progress in implementing the recommended action. Therefore, pending completion of this action, Safety Recommendation A-06-65 is classified OPEN -- UNACCEPTABLE RESPONSE.

From: FAA
Date: 5/15/2008
Response: Letter Mail Controlled 5/23/2008 11:23:39 AM MC# 2080266: - From Robert A. Sturgell, Acting Administrator: 5/15/08: The Federal Aviation Administration has written a Document Change Proposal (DCP) that will add the phraseology “change to runway We expect the DCP to be published by March 2009. In the interim a Notice is being reviewed that will make the phraseology effective immediately once the Notice is published. I anticipate publishing the Notice by the end of May 2008.

From: NTSB
Date: 5/2/2007
Response: The Safety Board notes that the FAA is evaluating the operational effects of implementing the recommended change. Pending the results of this evaluation, followed by appropriate changes to Order 7110.65, Safety Recommendation A-06-65 is classified OPEN -- ACCEPTABLE RESPONSE.

From: FAA
Date: 12/19/2006
Response: Letter Mail Controlled 1/3/2007 9:38:24 AM MC# 2060617: - From Marion C. Blakey, Administrator: 12/19/06 The Federal Aviation Administration is currently evaluating the potential operational effects of implementing the procedural change recommended by the Board, and associated revision to Order 7110.65. We expect to complete this evaluation and have a further response to the Board in 120 days. I will keep the Board informed of the FAA's progress on this safety recommendation.