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Accident Report Detail

Collison of British Bulk Carrier M/V Palm Pride with the Sioux City & New Orleans Barge Fleet​

Executive Summary


On June 23, 1986, the 674-foot British-registered bulk carrier M/V Palm Pride departed Burnside Terminal, Louisiana, at 0154 and proceeded downbound in the Mississippi River. At 0444 while attempting to overtake two downbound tows that were in an overtaking situation, the Palm Pride collided with barges in the Sioux City & New Orleans barge fleet sited along the right descending river bank in the bend at 26 Mile Point, about 122.6 above Head of Passes. Damage to Palm Pride and the barges and their cargoes was estimated at $1,400,000. There were no injuries reported.​

Probable Cause


The National Transporation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the accident was the attempt by the pilot of the Palm Pride to overtake two tows simultaneously in the Mississippi River bend at 26 Mile Point where the space available to pass was limited. Contributing to the accident and its severity was the high speed of the Palm Pride under the conditions of the overtaking; also contributing to the accident was the failure of the pilot to have the navigation bridgewatch assist him by monitoring the radar.​

Accident Location:   , LA   Mississippi River
Accident Date: 6/23/1986
Accident ID: DCA86MM035

Date Adopted: 3/31/1987
NTSB Number: MAR-87-03
NTIS Number:  

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