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Accident Report Detail

Marine Accident Brief: Sinking of Fishing Vessel Capt Richie Rich

Executive Summary

​About 2200 on the evening of August 30, 2015, the uninspected fishing vessel Capt Richie Rich was under way and trawling for shrimp in coastal waters about 10 nm southwest of Point au Fer, Louisiana, when the port outrigger broke and holed the vessel’s hull. The breach allowed water to enter the engine room, causing the vessel to list to starboard. It later sank partially in 12 feet of water. The three crewmembers, who abandoned the vessel into a liferaft, were rescued by the US Coast Guard; no one was injured. An oil sheen was observed in the area where the vessel sank.

Probable Cause

​The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the sinking of fishing vessel Capt Richie Rich was a collapse of the port outrigger and a hull penetration resulting in uncontrolled flooding in the engine room.

Accident Location: Point au Fer , LA USA 29°15.0’N, 91°32.0’W
Accident Date: 8/30/2015
Accident ID: DCA15LM033

Date Adopted: 8/17/2016
NTSB Number: MAB1614
NTIS Number:  

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