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Accident Report Detail

Rear-End Chain Reaction Collision, Interstate 30 West

Executive Summary

​On June 13, 2004, about 8:39 p.m., a 1991 Kenworth tractor-auto transporter, traveling west on Interstate 30 (I-30), near Sulphur Springs, Texas, collided with a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe sport utility vehicle (SUV) that was stopped in a 0.5-mile-long traffic queue in the right-hand lane at milepost 132.3. The force of the collision pushed the Hyundai forward, into and under the trailer of a 2000 Peterbilt tractor-semitrailer combination unit, which was in turn pushed forward into a 2003 Lincoln Navigator SUV. The Lincoln was subsequently pushed forward into the trailer of a 2000 Volvo tractor-semitrailer combination unit. A fire erupted, involving the Hyundai and the Peterbilt trailer. All four occupants of the Hyundai and the driver of the Kenworth truck were fatally injured. The two occupants of the Lincoln received minor injuries, and the occupants of the Peterbilt and Volvo trucks were not injured. At the time of the accident, the temperature was 80° Fahrenheit, the sky was clear with a visibility of 10 miles, and winds were southeast at 5.8 mph.

Probable Cause

​The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the Sulphur Springs multivehicle accident was the failure of the driver of the 1991 Kenworth tractor‑auto transporter to identify and react in time to stopped traffic due to acute fatigue. Contributing to this accident were the failure of Waggoners Trucking Company, owner of the Kenworth truck, to provide adequate oversight of the driver’s fitness for duty and compliance with hours-of-service requirements, and the failure of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Department of Transportation to provide clear advance warning to alert approaching traffic of the incident area and traffic queue.

Accident Location: Sulphur Springs , TX    
Accident Date: 6/13/2004
Accident ID: HWY04MH028

Date Adopted: 2/5/2008
NTSB Number: HAB-08-02
NTIS Number:  

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